Saturday, 23 January 2010

Busy Busy!

I have spent the last few days developing my new project and scanning in negatives in front of the fire...probably not the best place to do so due to the dust, but its nice a cosy and its my spot! I will do a major scanning shesh when I finally get an external harddrive and can archive my images properly. Though repetitive and time consuming its really something quite amazing to be able to process my analogue image into a digital format, and undoubtably film is the best way to make images- though digital slrs are really quite fun!

During my mammoth scanning session I discovered some images I had been working on for a previous project in Powerstock, Dorset on a dairy farm...

These images were made using my lomo Holga camera and Ilford HP4 film, processed by myself.

I also found some snaps from a recent trip to Bratislava, Slovakia...

It really is a lovely place, stunning architecture and a very potent local beverage!

Another great discovery has been an old point and shoot camera which Jamz had somehow aquired, a Polariod PZ2001! (Snazzy name huh?!) I took it out with me loaded with some expired Kodak film an went into the woods. I'll post some of the images here soon, but until then you can have a peek at them (and some others of home) on my Flickr...

I borrowed a video camera this weekend, so I'm off to sit in the woods for a while, the snowdrops are coming up and its so beautiful I'm going to watch!


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